There are people in power today in Washington who care very little about Islam, and who care very little about the Middle East or the civil war in Syria, but who care much about what happens to the State of Israel.

I am not talking about those Americans with Judeo-Christian beliefs who see Israel as a friend and an ally, but I am talking about Americans who actually hate Israel for the same reasons the Nazis hated the Jews; based mostly on ideology.

From my perspective, as a Muslim with a Utopian penchant (Who would not watching Arabs and Muslim spiral decline), the region has been heading backward ever since the Obama Administration credulously empowered the Islamists as a result of the Arab Spring, which incidentally began as an economic revolution against cronyism and depravity, and not as a religious revolution. Instead of empowering a much-needed Keynesian Bill Gates or the moderate political forces in the Middle East, the people in power in Washington chose to abandon the region to Islamism.

Why is a reasonable question to ask considering the ramifications of this policy, which showed us its ugly face in the Benghazi murder of Ambassador Stevens.

Had this policy of abandonment taken place in a void, one would have assumed this is an honest mistake based on simple mindlessness. However, the fact that this administration has also refused to assist the Iranian people in 2009 to topple their Mullahtratic regime of terror, a staunch enemy of Israel, as it did to help the Libyan people defeat their oppressor was enough for me to question.

The questioning then turned into an absurd surrealism when this administration, again, failed to come to the aid of the Syrian people the way it helped the Libyans knowing well the threat Assad posed to the region but especially to Israel. The fact more extremists are entering Syria has not persuaded those in power of the folly of this policy.

If you look at a map of the region today, more enemies surround Israel than in 2008. How could coincidence re-invent fate for Israel when such powerful men in Washington steer its destiny? We, Arabs and Muslims, are paying the ultimate price for this foolishness. Our region is more violent and more backward today than it was in 2008.

Add the component of the Muslim Brotherhood being empowered by this administration, an organization that will not hesitate to launch deadly rockets and missiles provided by Iran against Israel and one cannot but conclude what everyone knows to be true but very few talk about: This administration has a very strong bias against Israel. Its foreign policy seems to be completely driven by that bias.

In my book, this makes anti-Semitism a policy in Washington today.

Why this is important to talk about as an American-Syrian is because the combined effects of this policy has destroyed Syria and Egypt and has saved two regimes of terror. The exact opposite would have helped the Muslim communities and Israel. I can understand policymakers making one major mistake, but not four all with the aim of threatening Israel, and along the way the Muslim world in the ME.

Yet, Israel still stands as strong as ever. Those in power in Washington have accomplished little, except more destruction.

Certain people in this administration need to learn that many past dynasties, many past conquerors, and many past empires attempted to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth (I am not saying this is the aim of this administration) and none was successful. They all perished and the Jews remain strong even with a global population that is almost half the population of Syria.

The problem is that every time some ideology target the Jews softly, through anti-Semitism, or inhumanely, as the Nazis did, the price we pay becomes too high to bear. Syrians and other Arabs are paying that price today. Look at the overall turmoil and breakdown of the Middle East with countries left to tumble between waves formed by those rocking the boat in Washington. We are fools if we are to believe abandonment of the region is the ultimate policy; this may be the mother of all spin.

The same people rocking the boat are also working hard to save the Iranian Mullahs and Assad of Syria. Why should they help bring two regimes of terror down when both are anti-Semitic to their bones? Qaddafi hated the Jews as a political convenience and was incapable of harming Israel, but Iran and Assad hate the Jews as a matter of self-survival and are capable of harming Israel. There is so much coincidence one can believe.

When will unreasonable men learn anti-Semitism is self-defeating?

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