While Iraqi politicians reap and rape the country, its armed forces are stripped from any motivation to win their war against ISIS.

It seems that Iraqi pilots training in Jordan on the F-16 jet fighters had their salaries cut by 80%. Of course, the pilots went on strike. Honestly, Iraq lacks will to defeat ISIS.

Here is the full article as published by Shafaq.

Iraqi trainees on F16 in Jordan go on strike after their salaries cut by 80%

The MP for State of law coalition , Awatef Nemaa said that an order of the Ministers of Defense and Finance led to lower salaries for the trainees of F16 aircraft in Jordan by 80% led to a strike by trainees.

It is scheduled after the end of the training period that the Iraqi military pilots would received the first F16 aircraft, that will contribute to the ongoing war against ISIS.

Nemaa said in an interview reported to Shafaq News, that 475 technical trainees on F16 plane went on strike and are still present in the hotel in which they reside in Amman, because of the reduction of their salaries by 80% after an order of Defense Minister , Khaled al-Obeidi and Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari.

She added that the American coach is currently demanding them to sign a paper to prove their unwillingness to complete the course, “and if they are forced to sign then this is a big loss in the circumstance we desperately need to train our officers and our soldiers.”

She stressed the need for Prime Minister to intervene personally to settle the matter and issue orders to pay the full salaries of trainees urgently.

Baghdad has demanded for 36 aircrafts from fighter jets produced by Lockheed Martin, but the first shipments that were scheduled to be sent to Balad Air Base in Iraq was delayed due to security concerns after ISIS swept large areas north and west of the country.

Iraqi army lacks for fighter jets in its war against al-Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), where Iraq is using a number of Russian-made Sukhoi aircrafts deposited by Saddam’s regime during the Iran war to liberate Kuwait in 1991.

The Iraqi army depends in air transport and combat support on helicopters obtained from several origins.

Iraq Lacks Will to Defeat ISIS

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