Iranian Dinner Was Annulled at the Élysée Over Wine

Iranian Dinner Was Annulled at the Élysée Over Wine

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This story comes from the deep bowls of “Ils veulent quoi?” Apparently, Iranian dinner was annulled at the Élysée over wine.

The State dinner between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and French President François Hollande at the Élysée Palace was canceled because the Iranians wanted to control the menu.

They wanted Halal meat served, which the French would probably have provided as a courtesy to their guests, but then, the Iranians also asked for French wine not to be served at all at the table. No wine in sight.

Asking a Frenchman not to serve wine is tantamount to asking a Muslim to burn his Koran.

The French, of course, refused and so the Iranian dinner was canceled.

Bravo France.

Nothing sets the perimeters of the clash of civilizations like this example does. A simple routine dinner between two heads of States canceled over wine. One State considers it sacred, and the other considers it a Sacré bleu!

This story begs the question.

Did John Kerry remove all traces of alcohol on site at the many locations where he negotiated the Iran Deal for two years? The Iranian would have, more than likely, asked the American diplomats to professionally clean the location of any traces of alcohol at U.S. taxpayers expense.

John Kerry would have obliged them instead of emulating the French. Don’t mess with our wine, you swine!

Do western diplomats ask Muslim women not to wear Hijab in their own country because it offends them?

Vive la France! Et à votre santé François Hollande.

Iranian Dinner Was Annulled at the Élysée Over Wine


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