Intellectual Alawites Issued a Statement Condemning Assad

Intellectual Alawites Issued a Statement Condemning Assad

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Yesterday, a group of intellectual Alawites issued a statement condemning Assad and in particular the Shabeeha units that destroyed the beautiful town of Qudsaya. In it, they attack Assad and his father personally for destroying Lebanon during its occupation by the Assad regime and for destroying the very fabric of Syria today.

In one sentence, the intellectuals declare (Crude Google translation):

“Oh Shabeeha of Qudsaya and Syria, you have proven and then proven again that man could abandon his humanity, and his mind, and imprison himself in illusion and leave himself free rein to coexist with the myth of “the other who wants to slaughter us and kill us and force us to migrate”, which is enough in your opinion to become monsters, you became the other monster who kills and burns and loots, and then celebrates a victory over the enemy, but you put the last nail in your own coffin, and triumphed against your own brothers and what a loss this is because you are the ones who lost everything.”


Many Syrians, to include TFS, salute these intellectuals. They have shown that Syrians can all co-exist together and can fight evil together. We are honored to name them one at a time and will be even more honored if we can meet them one day (we met Sondos Suleiman before).  They are:

  1. Afaq Ahmed
  2. Khater Adwa
  3. Louis Abdul Karim
  4. Hanadi Zahlout
  5. Dima Wannous
  6. Dr. Tamader Abdullah
  7. Sondos Sulaiman
  8. Ali Dayoub
  9. Dr. Nizar Hammoud
  10. Fadi Saad
  11. Saba Khaddour
  12. Ahmed M. Ahmed
  13. Amal Mohammed
  14. Yasir Nadeem Saeed
  15. Thaer Abboud
  16. Murad Deeb
  17. Nasser Wannous
  18. Abeer Soliman
  19. Haidar Hassan
  20. Mo’een Deeb
  21. Ram Khalouf
  22. Hassan Seddon
  23. Katrina Shaaban
  24. Raja’a Shaaban
  25. Lojain Khalil
  26. Mohammad Qasim
  27. Omaima Mohammed
  28. Awatef Khaddour
  29. Abab Khalil
  30. Luma Hamoudi
  31. Moussa Khodr

Intellectual Alawites Issued a Statement Condemning Assad


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