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What motivates the Syrian street? You will understand after reading this story: Syrian soldier ‘decapitated seven-month-old boy in front of his mother after finding suspected rebel was not at home

Last night, according to my Syrian contacts, the seditious activities of Brig. Gen. Mustapha al-Sheikh reached a denouement that saw violence erupt on both sides.

One side represented the Free Syrian Army of Col. Riad al-Asa’ad and Col. Ahmad al-Hijazi and the other was represented by Brig. Gen. Mustapha al-Sheikh who has been planted by the Assad regime to divide and conquer the FSA.

Al-Sheikh insisted on forming his own Military Council that excluded both al-Asa’ad and al-Hijazi. This arrogance was supported by the SNC who has been struggling to contain the FSA and the anger of the Syrian street.

A battle erupted between both sides with fists flying and batons swinging according to someone who was close to the discussions and the ensuing confrontation. I think the “batons” assertion may be a bit exaggerated but there is no doubt that the confrontation did materialize.

Late in the evening Gen. al-Sheikh did form his own Military Council. He announced it on al-Jazeera. Following his appearance, Col. Ahmad al-Hijazi emerged on BBC Arabic a bit later to refute it and to attack the sedition of Gen. al-Sheikh and his past. Al-Sheikh seems intent on splitting the FSA and it seems the FSA is holding steadfast

Neither al-Arabiya nor al-Jazeera welcomed Col. al-Hijazi, which is an indicator both TV stations, owned by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, agree with the pro-Assad approach of choking the Rebellion on the street.

Neither though understands the dynamics of the Syrian street I am in touch with indirectly.

Those carrying the weapons inside Syria are really the most important component in this fight. Without them, all the machinations and the maneuvers be it in Turkey or elsewhere will come to naught. As of this morning, I was told by a Syrian hardcore activist that they have no intention of relinquishing their right to defend themselves first and to seek freedom second.

Their leaders in various parts of the country are being pressured by the SNC to surrender their arms in return for financial aid. It’s similar to the same message Assad delivered yesterday when he announced a pardon for the Syrian demonstrators in his prisons but at the same time ordered the rebellious forces and army defectors to give-up their arms.

Everyone in the region wants the Syrian Rebellion to end at the expense of the Syrian people but those we talked that really matter in this fight for dignity and freedom have assured us that they fully understand the consequences of relinquishing their weapons and are determined to seek freedom in spite of the ugliness of the Syrian opportunists and the Arab rulers all conspiring against them.

For those helping the Syrian Rebellion on the outside close to the events on street, I am standing by them wholeheartedly because I do not trust anyone who says there is a solution to deposing Assad without a brute and violent struggle.

There is no rest until my people are free from oppression and religious extremism, all supported by Qatar and Saudi Arabia today. 


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    This will be a very hard struggle, and like the Zimbabweans and the Burmese, the Syrians will get little help from outside. They may well lose.

    Certainly very hard times are ahead. Neither Fascists nor religious types give up easily.

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