“I’m Paying For This Microphone” Moment Will Win in 2016

“I’m Paying For This Microphone” Moment Will Win in 2016

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America is hungry for leadership. In next year elections, Americans would have been deprived from real leadership in the White House for 8 long years. Most Americans are losing their compasses after such a long drought. We believe America is ready and waiting for “I’m paying for this microphone” moment.

We believe the Republicans will win and the Republican candidate who will carry the win into the White House would be the one to come up with his/her own “I’m paying for this microphone” moment that transpired for Ronald Reagan in 1980 while campaigning during the primaries in Nashua, New Hampshire (See video here and below).


“I’m paying for this microphone” moment, after 4 years of failure of the Carter presidency between 1976 and 1980, was just what people were looking for in a leader. And Reagan, over the next 8 years, never disappointed them.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina throwing his hat in the ring today by announcing his candidacy. With a field of 9 candidates the chances increase to witness another “I’m paying for this microphone” moment.

Lindsey Graham told a crowd gathered in Central, South Carolina:

Those who believe we can disengage from the world at large and be safe by leading from behind, vote for someone else. I am not your man.

Definitely a jab at Obama’s lack of leadership in the White House. Graham, who is 59, is the ninth Republican to declare his candidacy. The field also includes U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The South Carolina senator served as an Air Force lawyer in West Germany during the Cold War in the 1980’s and visited Iraq and Afghanistan as an Air Force reserve colonel in recent years during his time in Congress.

Will he be the candidate to show the kind of leadership moment of Ronald Reagan engraved forever in his “I’m paying for this microphone”?

We cannot tell. But if someone is capable of such determination and resolve, Senator Graham is a candidate for this job.

Reuters contributed to this article.

“I’m paying for this microphone” moment


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