How Israel Views the Druze as Opposed to the Alawites

How Israel Views the Druze as Opposed to the Alawites

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No other country in the Middle East champions the minorities like Israel does.

Whether they are Christians Israel welcomed with open arms in Jerusalem, Bahai’is with their own temples in Israel, or Druze with many having made Israel their home, minorities in the Middle East will always find Israel welcoming them.

When 20 civilian Druze were gunned down by a Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist cell in Qalb al-Lawzeh in the Idlib Province, Israel rose immediately to the defense of the Syrian Druze community. Thousands of Israeli citizens took to the streets asking to protect the Druze of Syria from any further massacres.

Compare Israel’s response to the plight of the Druze in Syria as opposed to the lack of any Israeli response to the plight of the Alawite minority now burdened with tens of thousands who died fighting for Assad.

Israel could care less about the Alawites for what we believe are two reasons.

  1. Israel does not see the Alawites as real peace partners. The Alawite violence and enmity towards Israel makes them unfit for peace.
  2. The Alawites have always allied themselves with Israel’s enemies. Today it is Iran, yesterday it was Hamas, and the day before it was the Soviets. The Alawites of Syria hate Israel with passion and Israel responds by ignoring their plight.

It took 20 innocent Druze killed mercilessly and Israel is already moving heaven and earth to protect Syria’s Druze. In fact, Israel may create a buffer zone in the south of Syria to protect them.

There are more Sunnis dying every day in Syria, and tens of thousands becoming refugees every week, yet, no country has created a buffer zone to protect the Sunnis of Syria.

Don’t the Sunnis of Syria wish they had Israel on their side instead of following Assad and Iran blindly?

Israel views the Druze of Syria as essential peace partners, and as such, it is acting to create a more peaceful environment in the region.

N.B. Druze is plural for Dirzi. No need to add an “s” to Druze. 

How Israel Views the Druze as Opposed to the Alawites


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