How Hezbollah is Deliberately Harming Lebanon

How Hezbollah is Deliberately Harming Lebanon

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Naharnet, under the tutelage of al-Nahar Lebanese newspaper, published an article citing a Lebanese MP decrying the damage smuggling to Syria is causing on Lebanon’s finances. Indirectly, the MP Ziad Hawat tells us how Hezbollah is deliberately harming Lebanon.

The article’s first paragraph expressed succinctly Hezbollah’s abuse:

Strong Republic MP Ziad Hawat sounded the alarm on Wednesday saying that smuggling through illegal crossings into Syria are draining the state’s resources and finances, noting that many crossings in Eastern Lebanon are under Hizbullah’s control.


TFS has published an article in which it claimed that even though Hezbollah is Lebanese, it really takes its orders from Iran. It’s a proxy plant working against the interests of its own country. And this accusation by a Lebanese MP clearly proves our claim. Hezbollah would rather help the Assad regime than help Lebanon.

The MP Hawat said:

Smuggling through Lebanon’s 17 illegal border crossing into Syria is a crime against the finances of the country and it must be stopped,

He continued to cite facts about Lebanon’s dire financial situation, which Hezbollah is making it worse.

[The Lebanese are} sliding into poverty. The government has not set a clear action plan to stop illegal border crossing draining the country of its resources … Hizbullah is a partner in the State and must not be a partner covering smugglers. The majority of illegal border crossings in the eastern side are controlled by Hizbullah.

No, MP Hawat. Hezbollah is not a state partner. It’s an Iranian tool who takes orders from the Mullahs in Iran no matter the consequences to Lebanon’s economy or people. In this case, Iran deemed it more important to assist Assad of Syria, through smuggling, than to save Lebanon.

And Hezbollah followed its master like an obedient dog.

How Hezbollah is Deliberately Harming Lebanon


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