Many write that a strike by the United States against the Assad regime, which we all know will lack the punch to remove him from power, may be a disservice to the overall objectives of a more stable Middle East. Those civilians have their opinions.

However, what is totally taking us by surprise are the number of US retired officers, like Lt. Col Ralph Peters, parading on cable news calling for no strike. What happened to honor thy fallen soldiers Peters should never forget?

May we remind Lt. Col. Peters that Assad and his masters in Tehran have massacred US soldiers by the thousands during the Iraq campaign? May we remind all the military men standing against striking Assad of the bombing of the US Marines barracks in Beirut in 1983 that took the lives of 241 Marines and Sailors? Here comes an opportunity to punish the Assad family for its deeds, but instead honorable men like Ralph Peters recoil with fear by citing al-Qaeda.

This is no different from saying we need to worry about Stalin the Communist and therefore should not free Europe from the terror of Hitler. Honor thy fallen soldiers

Maybe we ought to poll the families of all the fallen soldiers to ask their opinion. Please explain to them why Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is reluctant for the killers of their sons and daughters to face justice.

We think President Obama should call the families of those Marines and Sailors to dedicate this strike to their memories. Assad will keep terrorizing unless the US reminds him that enough is enough.

Further, the fact that President Obama, who is the least likely of any US Presidents to strike Assad, is carrying it out will lower the bar to trigger further strikes in the future if Assad misbehaves again. Make no mistakes about it, even if Assad is not deposed or even if Obama fires multi-million Dollar missiles at empty buildings, with this attack Assad will lose the shine on his armor. He will think twice before harming any US soldiers in the future if you dedicate this strike to their memories.

The Assad regime, during its miserable 43 years of existence, has never been attacked by the United States. This strike will have a psychological impact on the regime the way punishing a spoiled child for the first time can have. The doctrine of Shock and Awe Harlan Ullman and James Wade wrote about in 1995 just gave birth to a new doctrine of Shock and Disbelief. By attacking the Assad regime, the US is breaking a taboo long existing that Assad is untouchable and invincible.

Do not strike Assad for the Syrian people; strike him to honor the fallen US heroes he blew up to smithereens. Strike him to honor thy fallen soldiers.

Honor thy fallen soldiers

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