On this day of courage and valor, we honor the American Veterans of war.

Let us never forget their sacrifices and their dedication, their heroism and their bravery.

Let us never forget that when we fail to remember their fortitude, they forgive us and when we neglect them, they will fight again for us.

Let us never forget that when we honor them, we bolster their spirits and when we bless them, we comfort their souls.

Let us never forget that their humility strengthens us, and their discomfort humiliates us.

Let us never forget that their modesty showers us with pride and their distress causes us immense trouble.

Let us never forget when they fight for us, they are protecting our families, and when they die for us, we are bound by duty to protect theirs.

Let us never forget they need us every day of the year even though we honor them for one day only.

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