Homs is Burning because It’s not the Strait of Hormuz

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Humanity takes the wrong turn when a whole fleet is deployed to protect oil shipping lanes and not even one Drone is dispatched to stop terror against unarmed civilians. If the US is willing to protect oil from terror, it also must protect human lives with the same resolve because this will not go unnoticed by friends and foes alike

It’s hard to imagine the tragic events unfolding in Homs with some of the most vulnerable and the most destitute people of Syria being also subjected to canons, artillery, machine guns and rockets.

Books will be written about the stories of courage and sacrifice the people of Homs and the other regions are enduring. A neighbor ventures with his car under heavy fire to reach a bakery in another part of the city; he loads his trunk with bread and returns to his neighborhood, also under heavy fire, to distribute it to mothers with children. Human rights activists roaming the streets to count the dead and help the injured. Doctors hiding from the security men for practicing their sworn duties.

Why the White House is still mulling over defending mothers whose shrieking sounds of pain is drowned by Assad’s canon shells cannot be explained with words.

There is no excuse for not stopping today’s crimes against humanity. The public opinion is on our side and so is the law. If the US commits so much fire power against the Talibans to stop terror, it must also commit equally the firepower to stop the terrorists in Syria.

If we do not engage Assad immediately, Syria is just the beginning because America’s enemies will light other fires in the region to test America’s resolve.

Syria is no longer a diplomatic problem. It is now a tragedy only War Rooms can resolve. Remember all the US Marines killed in Iraq by Assad and the Iranian Mullahs? Remember the US Marines killed in Lebanon by Assad and Hezbollah? If American-Syrians like myself remember, so should every American.


  • No oil, westerners or Jews are involved in this conflict.

    Not even ‘Anonymous’ cares about the Syrians:

    • Agree.. But comparisons of actions does not mean involvement. As for the hackers, they are feeding on 15-min. of fame. It won’t be long before they are caught.

  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    Obama is anxious at all costs to avoid a war with Iran, which would drag in half the Middle East.

    And maybe he is right, because an all-out general war would kill far more people than a Syrian civil war.

    • Hello Don.. Wars are sometimes stopped when you flex your muscles and not when you show fear as we did when Syria and Iran attacked US troops in Iraq. Had the US bombed few sites in Syria back then, Assad would not be killing our people so easily today. Assad has never tasted the terror he is so good at dishing out and that’s the source of his violence. A dog that has never been bitten thinks he is invincible until he is. I do not buy this argument of appeasing violence, which begets more violence.

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