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Much is anticipated from the cursed trip of Ahmadinajead to Lebanon. All of which bode badly for this small democracy in the Arab world everyone uses as a trading card to advance their own narrow interests.

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sold Lebanon in return for promises from Assad that he will prevent any Shia incursion into Saudi Arabia. A promise from Assad is as good as a Bolshevik Bond. It simply goes to show you how weak Saudi Arabia is when their hapless king believes Assad has any influence over Iran or can be trusted with his word.

Then we have Obama. More eager to insure that labor union members enjoy free Viagras 5 times a week than the security of all of the Middle East combined. To Obama, Lebanon is a nuisance better served if controlled by someone, anyone.

What did the Saudi-bowing Obama get in return? Nothing more than a short-lived promise to stop bombing the Iraqis so that he can pull US troops out. After that, hell can break loose in Iraq and Obama would care less. It never amazes me to see how a sitting President of the United States, with global interests guaranteeing a successful American lifestyle and prosperity, can undermine his own nation through sheer ignorance. The more powerful the US is across the globe, the more Americans enjoy the fruits of that power. For the US to submit to the will of others is criminal when it has the power to control its successful destiny.

But the denouement in Lebanon is not over. Hezbollah, with Syrian and Iranian complicity, want to take over the country. An easy task considering that Hariri complies with Saudi demands more than he does with the national interests of Lebanon, a responsibility he is unwilling to uphold due to his commercial business in the Kingdom.

The Assad propaganda machine has been working overtime to spread that Hezbollah (i.e. Iran) will bring down the Lebanese government to control the country. When it happens, people would have absorbed the impact of such disastrous consequence and the reaction would be moot at best. But just in case the international reaction becomes confrontational, as we have seen when Saddam invaded Kuwait, rumors are circulating that Hezbollah will guarantee its fait accompli by kidnapping few foreigners it can use to trade all of Lebanon with. Just as Iran successfully trades Americans in return for less international pressure, Hezbollah will trade Americans and  French nationals with a helpless Obama and a weak Sarkozy in return for control of Lebanon.

Already, the French have dispatched more manpower to Lebanon and beefed-up their security in anticipation of such an event.

Meanwhile, Israel is 100% absorbed by the Iranian nuke program. A policy that I personally believe is counter-productive given the players in power today. Obama would care less if Iran obtained a nuke. So does all of Europe with the exception of few politicians and diplomats who continuously sound the alarm. Should Iran succeed in finishing, with Syrian help, building a nuclear bomb, Hezbollah’s strength today as well as Assad’s danger will play similar roles to the ones Cuba played during the Cold War. But unlike similar results Kennedy won in his confrontation with Krushev over the Cuban Missile Crisis, Israel, not being the United States, will be overwhelmed by Hezbollah and Syria. That’s why I believe destroying Hezbollah and the Assad regime must be prioritized accordingly.

Come October 15, we will know what will transpire next in Lebanon as Ahmadinajead visits his occupied territories. From past history and the disposition of the Iranian regime to take risks, my bet is on Hezbollah conquering all of Lebanon in order to stop the international tribunal once and for all from disclosing the criminality of Assad and Nasrallah.


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