Hezbollah Corruption Knows No Bounds

Hezbollah Corruption Knows No Bounds

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Ever since Hezbollah rose to prominence since 1983 when it bombed the U.S. Marines barracks killing 241 American Servicemen, the terror group, which takes its orders directly from a foreign country Iran, has turned Lebanon into a carousel of crime and nepotism with Lebanese politicians taking turns into pilfering and embezzling the treasury under its watchful eye and approval. In reality, Hezbollah corruption knows no bounds.

So how does Hezbollah hide its crimes from the average Lebanese? How does her tail wag the whole dog? By pursuing Syrian refugees in Lebanon under the guise they are currency black market profiteers. A bone to distract the Lebanese people, if there is one.


When the Lebanese Army arrests 16 currency black market profiteers while Hezbollah turns a blind eye to the billions the terror organizations and its cronies embezzled from the country, it is mocking every Lebanese citizen. These arrests send one Iranian message only: Marginalize Hezbollah corruption by pointing the finger at Syrian refugees we already hate and are killing thousands of them in Syria.

Whatever these refugees are profiting from their activities, if true, it is a drop in the sea with what Hezbollah and the politicians it supports have done to rob Lebanon blind. From Michel Aoun all the way down to the janitor at the Ministry of Finance. Hezbollah cronies, the real criminals, are trying to wag this clueless dog.

Will the Lebanese people fall for this ruse? Maybe. Unless the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon gets on its Twitter account to denounce Hezbollah for trying to distract the people away from the real, core problems Lebanon is facing. Demonizing Syrian refugees living under the most austere of conditions in Lebanon is unconscionable. But then, how could Hassan Nasrallah have a conscious? This terrorist lives to kill, pilfer, threaten, and rage against all those who disagree with him. Even his own kind. N’est-ce pas Mustafa Badreddine?


If the Syrian refugees Hezbollah is accusing of black market activities were so smart, what are they doing in Lebanon? Of all the places for a Syrian refugee to escape, Lebanon is the worst. Because Hezbollah controls it. If they were so smart, they would have never left Syria. Syria is heaven country for those with criminal tendencies. Just look who sits on top. A drug smuggler.

This whole story of Lebanon arresting people, at the height of Lebanon’s dire economic and financial situation, smacks of a Houdini magic act. If Lebanon is serious about cleaning its act, it would have started by throwing Michel Aoun under the guillotine for pilfering the country dry. Although Lebanon has many new faces governing today, behind these marionettes are still the same corrupt people concocting ways to deflect from their systematic embezzlement. Ergo, the arrest of the Syrian refugees.

They are breadcrumbs collectors in a state where Hezbollah is raiding daily the whole bakery.

Hezbollah Corruption Knows No Bounds


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