Have you been Obamized?

Obama refuses to provide the Kurds weapons to defend themselves
Is Obama not weak? We beg to differ
Wake Up, Mr. President

Have you been Obamized yet?

With the deal President Obama will sign with Iran, he would seal the fate of millions of Syrians and Iranians seeking freedom from tyranny; he also would endanger the whole region fearful of the terror of Assad and Khamenei the world is witnessing in Syria today.

Obama, the peacemaker, is but a Genocide legitimizer and enabler.

Have you been Obamized yet?

It is one thing to turn a blind eye to a humanitarian tragedy the proportions of which moves the coldest of hearts, but it is quite another to facilitate it, which is exactly what Mr. Obama has done by releasing funds the Iranian regime will certainly use to provide Assad with the tools to starve and kill Syrian children and women.

With the Iran deal, Mr. Obama is no longer an observant of the crimes against humanity Assad is conducting, he is now a full accomplice in those crimes.

Have you been Obamized?

Moreover, by partnering with Iran and Syria, Obama is condoning the horrific civilian killing machine of both regimes to include medieval sieges to starve rebellious towns as well as shooting pregnant women with snipers trained in Iran and Russia. Because of the Iran deal, I truly believe history will judge Obama to be the worst US President ever once Americans start picking-up the costs of his actions the way they are now on Obamacare.

Have you been Obamized?

In fact, I can see in the horizon people asking others “Have you been Obamized?”, which could mean, ”Have you been the victim of a cowardly vengeance?”, or “Have you been harmed by your boss?”, or “Have someone blamed you excessively?”, or “Have you been lied to, then lied again to justify the earlier lies?”, or “Have you been manipulated to hate others?”, or, in the worst case, “Have you been starved, Cluster bombed, or gassed intentionally?”

Have you been Obamized?

“To Obamize” may yet become like the verb “To Have” with the most entries or synonyms in the English language to reflect everything this President has done to harm US interests in the long-run under the guise he is protecting them.

The tragedy of Obama is not Obama the person, but the notion that the first African-American President, many Americans were proud to vote for twice, has failed his country more miserably than possibly any other US President. The tragedy is that Americans will be reluctant to elect another African-American President anytime soon for fear he will “Obamize” America by dividing us or by imposing ideological policies foreign to the very essence of America. That is the biggest tragedy of Barack Obama.

Have you been Obamized?

What Mr. Obama does not realize is that his policies are spreading a venom bound to boomerang on him. Once out of office, I suspect Mr. Obama will be held accountable in the court of public opinion in ways he cannot yet fathom. He knows it and to protect himself, it would not surprise me if Valerie Jarrett is stripping the NSA from some secrets to threaten to leak later. It won’t matter by then because this President’s enemy list will read like a global, instantly recognizable “who’s who”. The flood will sweep all the Chicagoans responsible for transforming America into a third world entity.

Sincerely, ask yourself this question: What has Mr. Obama done for America?

Have you been Obamized yet?

For every solution he proposed and enforced, the repercussions have been far worse problems. Iraq is in disarray because the US pulled out too early (If those secret back channels negotiations with Iran prove to be accurate, the Iranians must have imposed a pull-out on Obama as a condition to conducting any talks) and Syria’s civil war is igniting a long and deadly Sunnis vs. Shia calamity with tens of thousands of new violent extremists on both sides shaping the Middle East that will come back to haunt the US in the future. Because of Obama, the whole ME region is brimming with violence.

Have you been Obamized yet?

And if we need to discuss how worse the situation is on the domestic front, let’s do that.

-Socially, he has divided Americans by instigating those “who can’t” to demonize those “who can” thus splitting the nation the way Lenin splits his.

-Financially, he has ruined the future of our children and grandchildren with his projected $10 Trillion debt.

-Politically, he has aroused suspicions in who we are that pegged neighbors against each other and citizens against one another.

-Federally, he has created a monstrous Government irreparably damaging our economy.

-Economically, he has enacted laws to increase joblessness and turned tens of millions of Americans to depend on hand-outs.

-Legislatively, he has forcefully imposed the unpopular Obamacare to redistribute wealth as if it was his to redistribute.

-Internationally, he has increased the danger of rogue and terrorist regimes and opened a floodgate for Islamism to harm Americans in the future.

This President has been incapable of leading and has mocked us with his calls for transparency he is the first to ignore.

There is really not one thing I know this President has done well to serve US interests, except killing Bin Laden, which he almost abrogated in favor of doing nothing; talking about lack of leadership!

Have you been Obamized?

Mark my word, “To Obamize or be Obamized” will be a popular verb in the English dictionary some 20 years from now once Americans realize the effects of his policies.

It will come to symbolize what President Obama has done to this great nation to weaken her at every level and by any mean at his disposal.

Have you been Obamized?


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