Hariri Refuses to Join the Axis of Evil

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Kudos to Saad Hariri for refusing Ahmadinajead’s invitation to join the axis of evil. But, as we all know, bravery in the Middle East is in short supply, so I would not attribute the rejection to bravery. Self-preservation is priority number one for tyrants and those affected by their policies.

But in this instance, Hariri may have received his marching orders from Saudi Arabia the way Assad receives his from Iran. Given that Saudi King Abdullah has been quite adamant about peeling Assad from Iran HIS WAY, Abdullah may have discovered the futility of his actions. For Lebanon’s sake, let us hope he has.

On another issue, in his statement rejecting the invitation to join the axis, Hariri  said: “The values of the Lebanese formula, with all its sectarian components, are the strongest weapon, not to mention that confronting Israel requires high-level economic capabilities.”

Injecting Israel is aimed against Nasrallah who may use his rejection to accuse him for being anti-resistance. What a sorry state the Middle East has become. Those who are anti-western blame Israel and those are pro-western also blame Israel. Yet Israel is the most successful country in the region, economically, politically, and scientifically.

Any wonder why settlers settle, Jewish mothers are tigresses, and Palestinians keep hoping when there is no hope? Who can blame the Israelis when the whole world, including their supposed friends, turn the country into a target practice with words or guns?


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