Happy Passover 2015

Happy Passover 2015

Latin American Nations Offer to Take in Syria Refugees
Russians Mourn Victims of Egyptian Plane Disaster
Obama Syria Aid? Hefty $0.07 a day

This year, we missed communicating a Happy Passover 2015 message on-time. Better late than none.

To all the Jewish people around the world, all 15 million of them, RPS wishes you a very Happy Passover 2015. May better days always lie ahead free from terror and anti-Antisemitism.

By the way, the Passover celebrated by the White House is fake. The Obamas never miss an opportunity to party and to deceive. What better way to display both at the same time than on Jewish holidays.

Why does this not surprise us at all? We elected an antisemitic to the White House who is too cowardly not to show it openly. he has surrouned himself with like-minded people who hate the Jews just as passionately but pretend they do not.

Your friends at TFS.

Happy Passover 2015


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