Global Benefits to Iran Regime Change

Global Benefits to Iran Regime Change

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Why are so many in Washington, and even globally, opposed to kicking the Mullahs in Iran out of power? Consider the global benefits to Iran regime change. As long as the Khamenei regime of terror is on the march across Arab countries, and threatening our allies in the region, there will always be reasons to start a new war. America would always be under the threat of starting a war in the Middle East.

If Ambassador John Bolton manages to succeed with his strategy, the world would be a better place. Forget Trump in this equation. Our dumb President loves a deal with violent people who have absolute powers. Their unchecked power, he is attempting to practice at home, simply fascinates him. Never in his life Trump was accountable to anyone or anybody.

Let us count the global benefits:to Iran regime change.


  1. The Yemen war would wind down and the Houthis would have no choice but to strike a deal with a willing Saudi Arabia..
  2. Although Israel can defend herself, we no longer have to worry about Israeli security and beefing up her defenses with US troops in the Middle East.
  3. All sabotage operations or threats, by the Mullahs, against oil routes would cease.
  4. The U.S. would not have to be concerned about Iranians spying on facilities in the U.S. for future targets.
  5. America would no longer have to listen to incessant threats and the burning of her flag that whips up hate against our country.
  6. We would no longer hear Tehran John (John Kerry) talk or render an opinion. He would become a badly redacted footnote many would simply ignore.
  7. The world would not have to worry about an Iran Deal except the one the new leadership in Tehran would voluntarily sign by giving up all violence and weapons to threaten any country.
  8. One less chance of Muslim country, with a long streak of violence, building nuclear weapons.
  9. America would bring closure to all the bereaved families of our brave troops who fell to the violence of Iran in the Iraq War.


  1. Iranian troops would abandon Syria and the whole region to retreat to Tehran.
  2. The IRGC would be disbanded and trashed into the dusty bins of bad history.
  3. All missiles now threatening oil tankers, oil installations, and Arab capitals would be removed.
  4. Hamas, which is a proxy to Iran, would also change its tune when its main patronage collapses and dies. Peace with Israel becomes a more realistic possibility.
  5. Hezbollah’s funding would dry out. Its grip over Lebanon would diminish considerably, and its religious war against Syrian refugees would simply dissipate. Not to speak of its missile threats against Israel.
  6. Iraq would abandon its proxy bubble to begin co-existing truthfully in the region; instead of playing spoiler as Iran pushes its politicians and threatens its livelihood. Its religious importance to Shia Islam would usher a new era of reforms those who planned the Iraq War hoped it would lead to reforms to Islam in general.
  7. The Assad regime of violence would lose a weapon in its arsenal to use to spread more terror and violence.
  8. The Kurds would breathe easier as their brethren in Iran would rise to demand autonomy, which might lead to Kurdistan eventually.


  1. Iran would join the international community of civilized nations.
  2. The suffering of the Iranian people would ceases. Human rights organization would no longer have to stir the world conscience to defend women and advocates of democratic reforms in Iran. Torture of innocent Iranian civilians in prisons would drastically diminish or even cease to exist.

So, can you name one good reason why the United States, under the determination of Ambassador John Bolton, should not pressure Iran for its regime to implode?

We did not think so.

Global Benefits to Iran Regime Change


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