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[singlepic id=164 w=320 h=240 float=left]Sources close to RPS have disclosed that Assad of Syria is sending arms to Qaddafi of Libya to kill his people with. It is not enough for Assad to kill Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Israelis, and Americans, now this Damascene Dracula is thirsty for Libyan blood.

There are also rumors circulating Assad is arming the Islamists in the hope the oil fields they capture will play an important role in extending the Iranian-Syrian axis of evil. But, there is no confirmation to this rumor.

Some believe Assad is following someone else ‘s orders. A higher authority that keeps him in power and protects his rule from ever being dismantled. We, at RPS, believe he is acting alone for fear that if the Libyan people win after facing such violence by their oppressor, the Syrian people will sacrifice their lives for a better Syria. Assad is reasoning Qaddafi must win to discourage the Syrians from any reckless behavior such as seeking freedom, democracy, and accountability.

From the Levant region where the Assad family has left a trail of blood that discolored the Euphrates, to Libya where it is extending a lifeline to the psychopath Qaddafi, the Syrian regime is keeping the pedal to the metal as long as this US administration feels overburdened by international crisis and seems unable to respond to any with a high level of resolve and knowledge. A US leadership permanently positioned in the “reactive” gear is finding itself providing more “explanations” than overseeing “implementations”.

Churchill is famous for his quote :”The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”. Had Obama been the US president during WWII, or Churchill been the British prime minister of our era, he would have uttered this wisdom: “The Americans will always say the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”. It may sound harsh but this country will never look kindly upon community organizers anymore.

Not to be one who calls on G*d too often, but under the circumstances, I say “May He help us if this administration continues with its policies.” Take for example this latest piece of information. We all know that the United Nations has voted for the Qaddafi regime to have representation on the Human Rights Commission. Even after the massacres he is perpetrating against his people, few of those who helped legitimize his role at the UN are held accountable.

I know who holds western elected officials accountable but I keep asking myself who holds the UN unelected officials accountable?

Incidentally, while the massacre of civilians in Libya continues, Asma al-Assad is still debating which designer dress to wear for her next dentist visit. We Syrians are so lucky to have her.


  • Keyser Söze 13 years ago

    لو افترضنا لوهلة بسيطة بأن الأسود قد أصيبت بشعور الذنب لما تقوم به في سبيل سد حاجاتها الغذائية، و قامت بتحريم اللحم على نفسها، فماذا تكون قد أنجزت؟ سوف يتضورون جوعاًّ مع أطفالهم، و ذلك لأن خيارهم الوحيد المعطى كان هو: القتل. فالقتل هو ليس من إبداع الإنسان بل من إبداع الطبيعة

    من ترجماتي

  • Keyser Söze 13 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    How to join your party? The contact details on The Reform Party of Syria are not working since 2005.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thank you for your inquiry.. I sent the request to the webmaster to see what’s the problem. Farid

      • Keyser Söze 13 years ago

        Dear Mr. Ghadry,

        I am glad for your quick reply! I believe that you can see my e-mail. I am a Syrian citizen and want to speak to you in person. I am a serious man and I understand that your time is limited. Please drop me an e-mail and I will write you back.

        Yours Truely,

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