Frequently Asked Questions About Terror Free Syria

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Terror Free Syria we will try to answer for our readers amd suporters.

Why Does Syrian-American TFS Support The State of Israel?
For many reasons. For one, the Arab world is ruled by mediocre and ruthless authoritarian rulers who drain their country of the brains necessary to build a normal nation. Israel, on the other hand, because of its democracy, attracts the brainiest of Jews who find Israeli policies to meet their needs for freedom and work.


Why Does TFS Attack Assad Constantly? He is Fighting Islamist Terrorists After All.
Assad oxygenates Islamist terrorism because of his own terror against his own people, which suits him well because the more religious-based terrorists grow and prosper the more the west believes it needs him to eradicate their threat. He is the cause of al the ills the Middle East faces today: Corruption, cronyism, terror, and spreading poverty.


Which Arab Countries Have the Best Potential to Succeed in the Future?
  1. Lebanon if its people can defeat Hezbollah when there is a change of regime in Iran.
  2. Jordan because the kingdom’s policies open the road for a better future, and because it does not depend on oil.
  3. Kuwait because its government is responsive to the needs of its people, and because its press is relatively free.

How Does TFS Feel About a Republican U.S. President as Opposed to a Democratic U.S. President?



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