For Syrians to Upstage Assad, Israel Must Take Their Side

For Syrians to Upstage Assad, Israel Must Take Their Side

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It is really a simple formula; yet Syrians, Arabs, and Muslims in general keep misreading it even when Iran, with its terror, weighs on their side. For Syrians to upstage Assad, Israel must take their side. If after 70 years Arabs still do not understand how to work with Israel instead of trying to defeat it, then we deserve the tyranny of the Assad regime.

Let us try to explain this formula, and hopefully it will be translated into Arabic for all to understand.

The most important part of this formula is that Israel is here to stay. Anyone in the Middle East region who believes they can defeat the Jewish State is insane. Even with Barack Obama providing the Iranians with every tool possible to overwhelm Israel with their terror, Khamenei is not closer today than he was in 2008. Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Churchill able to save his people from the Iranian Nazis. Both Khamenei and Obama miscalculated the leader that he is. Syrians must ask themselves this question: If Obama failed, who are we to succeed?

The second most important part of the formula for Syrians to upstage Assad is to keep the Islamists from ruling any country that neighbors Israel. Are you reading this Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS? Do you think a weaker Assad is back in vogue because Israel likes him? Assad is fighting the Islamists who happen to be Israel’s enemies. The day he stops, another Alawite will replace him to finish the job. Assad lives because the idiot still serves a purpose for Israel.

The third part of the formula for Syrians to upstage Assad is for Muslims to forget they have any claims over Jerusalem. With the exception of the Isra and Mi’raj referenced in the Koran and repeated in the Hadith, Jerusalem was never an epochal anchor of our Muslim religion or heritage. Mecca and Medina are. Unless we can claim the Solomon Temple with its discovered ancient scrolls to be Muslim in nature too.

The fourth part of the formula for Syrians to upstage Assad is a genuine understanding and acceptance of the Jewish people and faith. This is the oldest and wisest religion on earth. Yet, Muslims know so little about its contributions to humanity. Furthermore, Jews can smell fake Muslims play their friendly hand a mile away. The Syrian opposition leadership, from top to bottom, needs to travel to Israel to build those precious bridges it was so eager to build with Saudi Arabia and Turkey; otherwise, we can kiss our Syrian revolution goodbye. After Assad, Israel will not tolerate a leadership in Damascus whose foreign policy rests on the same old tired Arab doctrines of resistance, isolation, and exclusion.

Jordan is prospering and safe because it truly made peace with Israel. Why is the Syrian opposition incapable of reading these tea leaves?

In this interview with Donald Trump, here are two quotes from possibly the next U.S. President he said about Israel the Syrian opposition better pay attention to in order to understand the difficulties we will face if we keep going without addressing genuine Syrian peace with Israel:

“My friendship with Israel is stronger than any other candidate’s…. President [Barack] Obama isn’t good. For Israel, he has been the worst president in history. Look at how frustrated Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu was every time he visited Washington. All of Netanyahu’s claims are correct; he is 100 percent right. Is this any way to treat our friends? I will make sure that changes.”

Saudi Arabia and Turkey must encourage the Syrian opposition to make peace with Israel openly and publicly to chart new path towards saving Syria permanently from the Assad regime. The quicker Syrians understand the simple formula to succeed in the Middle East, the quicker we can save Syria from the Assads.

Israel has already made the first gesture by treating thousands of Syrians in its hospitals. How did the Syrian opposition pay back Israeli generosity? Should we not make peace with Israel today to show the world that we are responsible leaders whose people deserve better than the tyrant Assad.

For Syrians to Upstage Assad, Israel Must Take Their Side


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