Failure in Syria Spawns Failure in a Debate

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I have yet to listen to one Obama supporter (And I know many because I’m a Liberal Syrian as much as I’m a Conservative American) say he/she are proud of what transpired yesterday in the debate between Governor Romney and President Obama.

The whole debate reminded me of the dynamics revolving around blind dates. In this instance, the American people were invited by Romney, whose evil reputation preceded him courtesy of his opponent, on a blind date only to discover what a decent, knowledgeable  and presidential their date was. President Obama, on the other hand, looked like he was thinking of the next White House party and who his invitees were going to be or of the next evil campaign he will have to muster to blur the vision of the American people.

Moreover, Obama‘s failure in Syria as the leader of the free world was at display yesterday for the whole world to see. His failure as a President was reflected in his failure in the debate as an incumbent candidate. People tend not to associate one’s performance during one debate only to render a final opinion but because of Obama‘s Syria policy and continuous failure of this administration to arm the Free Syrian Army to defend itself from the onslaught of the most terrorist of regimes that ever existed, what you saw yesterday is what you will always get: Obama is but a mistake now the American public realizes the extent of its damage. The Democrats deserve a better candidate but the Republicans have theirs.

I cannot wait for the next Rasmussen poll to see the surge garnered by the Romney people.


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