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After All Is Said and Done, More Is Said Than Done

There are much nastier words to describe the Arab League than autocratic. After you read this, please send me your suggestions for an appropriate name to use in the future.

The YouTube video (See below) aired by al-Arabya on Feb. 28 as part of its news programming came to my attention by a group of Syrians who do not usually fall for this kind of ruse; but then Syrians are not in a state of mind today to separate friend from foe.

The video in question attributes to “unknown” sources in the US stating that Israeli Defense Minister Barak has asked Washington to ease the pressure on Assad to give Israel the time to assess his alternative.

It’s a lengthy Arabic news item supported by a reporter on the field who confirms in every way he can the conspiracy of the Jews.

In my opinion, the Arab League has, more than likely, ordered a secret poll of the Arab street to determine its own standing amongst those revolting across the Arab world. If I had to guess, it did not return any encouraging numbers even though al-Arabya and al-Jazeera have gone out of their way to stand by the Syrian people against Assad. Just enough to get their Kindergarten stickers but not far enough to change the regime.

So what does al-Arabya do? What comes naturally to any coward: Just blame someone else to deflect the attention.

I have called every well-connected insider I know on this subject (The video had 310 hits when I started and now it’s over 11,000 in just 2 days) and it is hard to believe, after hearing many speak logically of why Assad’s departure is a blessing for the region, that any of Assad’s neighbors would want him to stay in power.

One can also assume that al-Arabya may have fallen for a “whispering dagger” source in Washington that walks like John Kerry, speaks like John Kerry, but it ain’t John Kerry and who tricked al-Arabya. That’s a possibility as remote as it sounds.

But, highly unlikely if you know how farces operate in that part of the world (Remember the Mossad shark trained to kill Muslims in the waters off of Egypt?).

I highly recommend, given the “blame the Jews” game under way, for either IDF Barak or the Office of PM Netanyahu to deny these rumors. Let al-Arabya eat its own words or at least the “John Kerry” look alike lose his/her credibility.

Had I not known for a fact that all of our Syria’s neighbors wanted Assad gone, I would not have written this Blog.

Syrians will prevail, Arab League or not.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg5lZVkuvBM#! [/youtube]


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  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    I think it is reasonable for the Israelis to be nervous that a replacement of the Assad regime by an Islamist regime would be more dangerous for them. For them, both sides in Syria are dangerous enemies.

    Israel has been surrounded on all sides by enemies for over sixty years. It is not surprising that they are a bit paranoid.

    But I am certain they are not helping the Assads in any way. They are just waiting nervously to see how things turn out.

    If they offered any kind of help to the Syrian rebels, the rebels would be accused of having Zionist sympathies – as they are already accused of being armed terrorist gangs.

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