Even the Most Despicable Men Deserve Credit

Even the Most Despicable Men Deserve Credit

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Here, at TFS, we grind axes. Sometimes often. But always against men of violence or whose unsavory characters leave a bad taste in your mouth. But even the most despicable men deserve credit sometimes for what they stand for.


There is no doubt, when you read the articles published at our site, you come away with a certainty. We hate Baschar al-Assad of Syria with a passion. Mainly because he is a dictator who believes Syria belongs to his family; all stock, lock, and barrel. This includes the Syrian people just as feudal lords or plantation masters owned slaves.

Additionally, the man’s violence will go in the history books as equal to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. If Assad had, at his disposal, the German engineering and capabilities, he would be an equal to Hitler.

But Assad also is a secular man who is willing to use extremist religious terrorists to his advantage. At other times, he usually kills them because they represent a danger to his Alawite sect. The liberalism of the Alawites, in today’s sea of radicalism, is a breath of fresh air.


Another Arab dictator TFS finds abhorring is Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The bone saw killer. Probably the most vile dictator in modern times because of how cheap he looks wearing a princely title, and the arrogance at display for someone who achieved absolutely nothing in life. Had MbS been born to a commoner in Saudi Arabia, he would be herding goats today.

In addition, MbS is a thief, a cheat, and a con man. Working for him were men, like Saud al-Qahtani, who physically beat sitting prime ministers and Saudi men who achieved much in their lives. Unlike the cowardly, low achievers duo responsible for killing and dismembering Jamal Khashoggi.

But MbS has a liberal side to him that is changing the social fabric of Saudi Arabia. The religious Wahabbi police is a thing of the past. Women can drive and travel alone now. Movie theaters are opening in Saudi Arabia, and women can watch football matches in stadiums. All good for any Arab country.


No one is more moronic, more idiotic than Donald Trump the man America selected for President with help from Vladimir Putin. What a cruel joke that was by the Russian president! The best payback ever by one of our worst enemy.

Honestly, there is absolutely nothing we can think of that would shed some good light on the personality of Donald Trump. He is as vile as MbS and the most selfish, most egoistic and self-centered man probably ever born. If Rasputin scared Russians, Trump is as scary as that wild-eyed beast from the east.

The fact that he is sitting in the White House says a lot about how racists American voters still are. It runs in their blood like it runs in Donald Trump’s blood. Poor Abraham Lincoln. Trump is ruining all the good work of our 16th president and some of the American people — not a majority — just love him for it.

But one of Trump’s policies is not as despicable as he is. Specifically, his policy towards Iran, a country which has been on a rip spreading terror and violence in the Arab countries. Every action Trump has taken with regard to Iran demands an accolade. Except that he did not attack the Iranian Navy for hijacking several oil tankers. As a result of the cowardly side to Trump all self-centered men flaunt.


What is common between these three men? All were born with a golden spoon in their mouths. None had to work hard to earn their keep as all of them inherited great wealth from their fathers. Assad and Trump squandered most of it. MbS, who is only 34 years old, is on his way to join that club.

This is the only article TFS will ever write to highlight one thing good about these three despicable men. We are back to attack them all next because they represent the worst in humanity.

Even the Most Despicable Men Deserve Credit


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