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The chorus line for a Syria intervention is on the increase from quarters that are closer to the President than any in the past.

The LA Times published this morning an article entitled “Democratic foreign policy figures press for intervention in Syria” citing former Secretary of Defense William Perry and two former officials who served in the Obama Administration Ann-Marie Slaughter and Ambassador Dennis Ross. It’s obvious now that the White House must act when such figures ring the alarm bell.

I have always maintained that the Obama Administration was wrong in letting the Syrian Revolution fester and develop into a full civil war. In my last conversation with one of the FSA leaders, he spent the first 5 minutes of the conversation condemning US apathy; something I never heard the FSA express itself this way in the past. Anti-Americanism is growing amongst our friends and natural allies because of the Obama Syrian policy.

So now that prominent Democrats are voicing their concerns, it is my hope Obama does not sell Syrians more lip service with more sanctions or more improbable leaks of how much his administration is working secretly to help Syrians. Most of it is not true.

When you consider the Pelosi trip to Damascus in 2007 to shore up the killer of American troops in Iraq and then take into consideration the apathy shown by this President towards the Syrian people, you cannot but add the two together to try and understand Obama‘s logic or lack of in this instance. The Democrats of the Pelosi era loved Assad, we all know that. But they did because Bush hated him.


Or is there something else here flying past me?


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