Most Syrians and Syrian-Americans have advocated, since the start of the Syrian Revolution that began March 15, 2011, for Assad’s ouster to be replaced with a leadership more inclined to respect its people and less inclined to feed the engine of terror in the region. Today, it is becoming more and more apparent that only Erdogan’s resignation will halt the Syrian civil war. Here is why.

In Syria, there are several bad actors the west will not support. It will not support Assad for his erratic behavior and for losing all credibility in the eyes of the civilized nations. It will not support an Islamic State bent on excercising the political and social savageries of pre-medieval times. It will not support Jabhat al-Nusra whom Barack Obama permitted to rise in the defense of the Syrian civilians when he failed to stand behind the moderates of the Free Syrian Army. And finally, after watching Morsi of Egypt call for Jihad, it will not back any elements of the Muslim Brotherhood whose militias, again thanks to Obama, have become powerful enough to fear. All that is left are the FSA Putin is pounding daily with his bombers to remove from the equation any alternative to Assad the west might accept.

Even if IS is defeated, al-Nusra, with many foreign Muslim fighters, is broken, and the Assad attrition rate catches up with him whether Putin is helping him or not, we still have to be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood whose fighters are fully backed by Erdogan of Turkey. Even if Assad and IS finish each other off, Syria’s civil war is far from over.

When the Syrian opposition met for the first time after the Revolution metastasized into a state-wide phenomenon, it did so in Istanbul under the patronage of Reccep Erdogan. The moment this happened, the Syrian Revolution delivered a still baby. Istanbul represents the symbol of Ottoman rise and the decline of the Roman Empire.

After a long siege, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet conquered today’s modern Istanbul, named Constantipotle at the time, which the Eastern Orthodox Church claimed as its seat of power and in the process, the Muslim Ottomans limited the scope of influence of the Church for the next 400 years. That church is powerful in Syria, Serbia, and of course Russia. Everything that happened in Chechnya, old Yogoslavia, and today Syria, to include the senseless killing and the sieges, are to avenge Constantinople. As such, the Syrian opposition meeting in Istanbul was viewed by the Orthodox Church as repeat of the siege of Constantinople in Syria. Who was behind that meeting? Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood.

With regard to the Syrian refugees and their absorption, Turkey has welcomed the most. The Syrian people will always be thankful to this sister nation for its generosity. However, the political agenda of its leadership is inconsistent with what Syrians wish for their country. As long as Erdogan is in power in Turkey, there is almost a nil chance of halting Syria’s civil war. Erdogan will push for the MB to control Syria’s future and powerful countries in the region, like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and even the terrible Mullahs in Iran, will never agree to the rise of the MB in Syria.

Unless Erdogan is voted out, Syria’s chances of putting an end to the carnage are slim to none.

Only Erdogan’s resignation will halt Syrian civil war

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