Are Syrians Being Traded for PKK Terrorists?

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What is a refugee?

A person who is escaping danger and who has reached the bottom of the pyramid in the food chain. A person who depends totally on the host country for his security and life. This makes that person the most vulnerable in the world.

On Saturday December 3, 2011, MIT, the Turkish Intelligence Organization, delivered to the Syrian authorities, through the Darak border crossing near the village of Haran, two Syrians who were very active in the al-Rihanieyh refugee camp named Azzam Haj Mahmoud and Omar Mahmoud al-Sheikh.

Many Syrians believe and I concur with those beliefs that the Erdogan Government is trading Syrian refugees for PKK terrorists held by the Assad regime.

Yesterday, when the refugees learned of the fate of Mahmoud and al-Sheikh, they rebelled by blocking the border crossing point. They demanded UN protection after realizing they may have become pawns rather than refugees from Assad’s terror.

If Erdogan cannot stop the terror of the PKK, that’s his problem. Why should Syrians pay with their lives for the incompetency of his government?

This is the second time the Erdogan Government trades with Syrian lives. The first was delivering Col. Harmoush of the FSA to the Assad regime in return for seven PKK terrorists. 

The lives of every refugee is in danger, especially the high command of the Free Syrian Army.


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