In an interview with NPR Erdogan, PM of Turkey, declared: “Never forget that as a prime minister, as a leader of my country, I’m carrying a responsibility. I’m not only speaking about the 74 million inhabitants who are living in Turkey, who are my citizens … but also the entire population of the Arab world that expects our reaction and our response on this issue.”

Mr. Erdogan just appointed himself the spokesman of the whole Arab world.

With all due respect to the people of Turkey, many of whom refused to vote for Erdogan or his policies of Islamizing a mostly secular country, Arabs have their own spokesmen: The Arab street demanding freedom from oppressive ruling family-owned countries and religious intolerance. Both is what keeps us ignorant and violent.

As in the poem “Osman’s Dream”, which revealed to the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire his expansionist vision, Erdogan has a similar dream to expand Islamists across the whole region. It’s not enough that the Ottoman Empire kept us in the dark for 400 years, Erdogan intends to further bury our minds in defunct Islamist ideologies rather than books and knowledge.

Syrians have an affinity for the people of Turkey because of shared borders and a shared culture, but what we do not have patience for is another Turkish leader leading us to a dark cave to hibernate for another few centuries or so.

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