Entering the Zone of Big Lies

Entering the Zone of Big Lies

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We are entering the zone of big lies. After meeting the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Bin Faisal, Secretary Kerry uttered these words:

There is no guarantee that one weapon or another might not, at some point in time, flow into the wrong hands, but I will tell you this: there is a very clear ability now in the Syrian opposition to make certain that what goes to the moderate, legitimate opposition is in fact getting to them, and the indication is that they are increasing their pressure as a result of that.

Kerry is claiming the rebels are getting weapons to their moderate elements.

Here is another new item published exactly three days ago the title of which is “Syrian rebel chief says fighters desperate for weapons“.

General Salim Idriss, head of the FSA Supreme Military Council said:

We don’t want food and drink, and we don’t want bandages. When we’re wounded, we want to die. The only thing we want is weapons,

The weapons needed are the ones that can stop the MIG Russian-made jets and the tanks charging, with impunity, civilians huddled in basements or corridors of their homes.

Kerry is generalizing and taking credit, but the Free Syrian Army is asking for specific weapons from the US and is not giving the US any credit.

If small weapons are making their way, it is not because Kerry and/or Obama can stop them, it is because they cannot; so, you might as well take credit for them. We are entering the zone of big lies when it comes to who is sending weapons to Syria and who is taking credit for it.

The real weapons to save Syrians from the Assad butchery are the ones Kerry and Obama are prohibiting the FSA from having.

Not because they may fall in the wrong hands (The US has all the intelligence on who is who on the ground), but because both Kerry and Obama want to keep Assad in power. Assad knows it and that is why he insulted the British Officials yesterday. In response, Britain said it might arm the rebels. I hope that with the kind of weapons Obama refuses to allow.

It is high time for Britain to break away from the man who returned the bust of Winston Churchill that was prominently at display in the White House.

Why is Obama protecting Assad? Many have their opinions. Mine is a little less conventional.

Could it be because Assad paved the way for the Democrats to access the White House after terrorizing US troops in Iraq, thus making President Bush liberation of Iraq look like an invasion of an unwilling country?

It is a stretch, but nothing Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do surprises me anymore. This trio of far left extremists is capable of anything to maintain power.

Entering the Zone of Big Lies


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