Enough BS Please

Enough BS Please

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It is not about the Alawites of Syria, It is all about Assad
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The argument that keeps popping up among many ignorant watchers of the Syrian civil war goes like this: “The Alawites stuck to Assad because they feared sectarian violence” or another one “The Alawites are fighting for their lives”.

Imagine the reaction of any human when the Nazis said, “We stuck with Hitler because we feared for our lives” or “Because of the violence that may ensue”. Enough BS please.

Are we students of history, or are we to excuse today’s mistakes because it is convenient?

The Alawites cannot, after reprehensible 40-year plus oppression by the regime, indiscriminate killing of peaceful marchers by Assad, and torture chambers to put the Inquisition to shame claim these statements. Had they abandoned Assad by proposing a new figure within their ranks, maybe Syria would have fared far better today. Even if Assad retaliated, you would keep the pressure up to remove him from power.

As Sunnis, we would have been the first to vote for an Alawite, a Shia, a Christian, a Druze, or a Kurdish President had he/she cared for Syria and the Syrian people before himself/herself.

You cannot sit out the indiscriminate killings of the civilian peaceful marchers and claim your house is on fire today. Enough BS please.

The same goes for the Christians of Syria many of whom are suffering today because they accepted oppression as a tool for peaceful co-existence. Maybe such tools are necessary in a country with 98% Sunni population, but not in Syria where peaceful co-existence would have been celebrated if tyranny was curbed.

Why do you think Assad and Hezbollah want to destroy March 14? Because it threatened his claim that only the minorities can rule with fire and steal. If March 14 could celebrate all the religions in a free society, why not Syria when it becomes free from Assad?

Enough BS please.  Tyranny and Co-Existence are Oxymoronic. The minorities had an excellent opportunity to change Syria forever and they missed it.

Nonetheless, we will always stand by them and will always protect them because Syria will lose if we lose them.

Call for Assad’s removal in favor of a minority President who cares about Syria and its people and many Syrians will support your choice openly and without fear.

It is and has always been about the Assad family, not the minorities of Syria.

Enough BS please


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