Dumb Putin Got Assad But the US Got Syria’s Oil

Dumb Putin Got Assad But the US Got Syria’s Oil

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It is hard to argue on behalf of the success of the Russian interference in Syria when dumb Putin got Assad and the US got the ace in the grounds in Syria’s oil. This is apparent with the relentless Russian demands that the United States abandons Syria.

Eventually, it must have dawned on Putin, a tad too late, that had his troops occupied the oil fields instead of concentrating on killing civilians, not only Russia would be sitting high and mighty today, but the U.S. would have no reason to stay in Syria. To call Putin dumb is a favor.

In Putin getting Assad, he inherits an asset that burns everything it touches, while the U.S. gets an asset that delivers stability. Could it be that the world overestimates Vladimir Putin whose fame rests mostly on his own Russian propaganda?


In a Newsweek article citing the US Syrian policy according to the world of Secretary Mike Pompeo, Newsweek writes:

The United States is defending its policy in Syria amid heated criticisms, with the State Department calling for the removal of Iranian and Iran-backed forces, but not a Russian withdrawal.

Not a Russian withdrawal?

President Donald Trump, who disparages our fighting men and women, believes Russia’s fighting men and women deserve to occupy Syria even if it threatens U.S. interests. Talking about High Treason.

Putin is attacking our democracy, selling bounties on US troops in Afghanistan, and re-igniting the Cold War, yet this administration believes we should turn a blind eye to Putin’s occupation of Syria.

ISIS is gone and if there are remnant fighters, they pose little danger beyond a military nuisance. Why should we permit Putin to expand his footprint in the Middle East and North Africa? You give him Syria translates into giving up so much more.

You know. Give him an inch, he will take a yard.


What Russia gets in Syria is Baschar al-Assad. A psychotic war criminal who is inches away from indictment for war crimes. How is that for a Russian investment?

It also gets a country Assad destroyed with no resources to speak of and no people to rely upon to rebuild a real nation. There is not one Syrian both the Assad and the Putin terrors have not affected. Underneath it all still burns in the heart of most Syrians the dream of a revolution that will end the Assad family reign. Once and for all. For eternity.

We challenge anyone to re-build a nation on the violent and despicable legacies of Assad and Putin. Dumb Putin got Assad and the U.S. got Syria’s oil.

At the end, both Assad and Putin deserve each other. Two violent men dancing together on the ashes of those they killed. Even though this Shakespearean image yields tragedy, what it fails to deliver is the trust upon which the real reconstruction of Syria might happen. Not just a new constitution and few buildings and roads, but real religious and secular peace between Syrians with different ideologies that would last centuries.

We can reconstruct Syria artificially, but we are far from re-building her.

Dumb Putin Got Assad But the US Got Syria’s Oil


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