Don’t Bet on Assad’s Predictions

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Now that Qaddafi has become a two-liner in Libya’s history (Good riddance), the world will be turning its undivided attention to Syria. This should be of some consolation to our people.

As in his Jan. 31 interview with the Wall Street Journal when Assad predicted the rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia would just jump over Syria, in his Aug. 21 interview on Syrian-State TV, he predicted his regime will survive Syria’s massive unrest against his oppressive rule.

What is it with these rulers? Can they have one thing right to say?

Further, can we get rid of Assad’s violence and savagery only to see the rise of organized extremists? That depends on what the US is willing or not willing to do by allowing our fate to be controlled by ME regional powers. It also depends on Syrians living in exile coordinating with Syrians living inside.

The next six months will be the longest six months in our history because as we watch the decline of one era, we have to be hawkish about not letting another era rise as oppressive and backward in the form of Islamists aided by Saudi Arabia.


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