Don’t believe you can survive what makes you survive

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Ironic how a strategy, once deployed to protect an Arab ruler, mirrors exactly the same strategy that will dismantle his regime eventually. When Assad and Iran helped Iraqis to kill US troops and destroy Iraq, little did they know that Assad would face the exact same scenario they invented.

In Syria today, Syrians are fighting for their freedom using the same tactics used in Iraq against the American troops. You have the car bombs, the suicide bombs, the hit-and-run guerrilla warfare, and most importantly the support the Syrian fighters are getting from neighboring countries. It’s Iraq 2005 in reverse 7 years later in Syria. But instead of fighting American troops who wanted to help Iraq, Syrians are fighting a regime who is destroying Syria.

Similarly, the notion of “resistance” so well advocated through the Assad propaganda machine has become “resistance” against Assad today. Our people have been well-trained to resist and resist they do. But instead of resisting against democratic Israel that did them no harm, they are resisting against the real evil in Damascus.

So, a lesson to be told: Don’t believe you can survive what makes you survive. Al-Mutnabbi poems, had he lived during our times, would have been generously written about this period; but instead of the praise for Arab rulers he was known for, they would have been more of the condemnation ilk.


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