Donald Trump is Breaking America Apart

Donald Trump is Breaking America Apart

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As fellow Syrian-Americans and taxpayers, we would be remiss in our duty as good citizens of this great nation if we did NOT express our views about the state of affairs of this country. In short, Donald Trump is breaking America apart by encouraging racism, violence, and a mentality of “us” against “them”, and twitter has become the platform of choice to destroy the fabric of this nation.

Never in the last 50 years have we witnessed a more polarizing figure as we have in Donald Trump. Slowly and surely, Trump is pegging Americans against each other, and unleashing Klansmen, now armed with badges, to kill the blacks in this country. It is a form of Arianism that we saw Hitler promote openly in the 1930’s in Germany and later in Europe. In America’s case, Trump is promoting Arianism secretly. OPne that will touch everyon’es life if Trump is re-elected in 2020, to include American Jews.

It won’t be long before the police goes after everyone who is not snow white. Trump has gone after Latinos and Muslims already, and if the Jews think they are safe, we would like to point them in the direction of Charlottesville circa August 2017. Another five years of Trumpism is all it takes. Once he exhausts the Jewish money to re-elect him for another four years, he is going to turn against them.

Never forget Charlottesville.


The George Floyd tragedy, part of a consistent pattern of outright open and live assassinations of so many blacks over the last three years that no one can keep count, has one single aim: To lynch the African-American man in order to destroy the structure of their families, present or future,  which in turn keeps their communities living under total economic deprivation. It is a story that has not changed since the dawn of the plantations era.

In one form or another, America and its politicians, the good and the bad ones, played a hand in George Floyd’s death. We are party to this open, unapologetic live lynching for all to see because there is no real will to rid America of racism or racist views.

All you need is to hear Trump speak or read his words to realize this fact. And it all started when his acceptance speech, at the Republican convention in 2016, adopted the theme of law and order to relay the message to its followers that the season is open on the black communities.


Undoubtedly, the killing of Gorge Floyd reminds us of Krystallnacht in Germany when Hitler openly began prosecuting the Jews. America is now openly killing African-Americans with no fear of reprisals.

The tool to ravage black families are the Police Unions whose job is to keep bad policemen from being held accountable. As an example, the head of Police Union in Minneapolis is a known racist and Jew hater.

When Derek Chauvin has had 18 complaints lodged against him but remains active to violate the civil rights of Americans, it is the signal the Police Union of Minneapolis is broadcasting that no policemen will ever be held accountable for their actions when they kill, beat, stalk, harass, or wrongfully arrest the minorities in this country. Their power over City Halls is the real problem no one talks about. Many are stacked with racists and they stack police departments with violent racists that carry out their orders. It matters little who are the Chiefs of Police when the Police Union can impose the rules all chiefs must abide by.

This is the real tool that Trump relies upon to destroy the black families, and unless the legislators of every State impose new rules on Police Unions with the backing of Federal Courts, the George Floyd tragedy will be repeated again and again.


Many black leaders talk about training or re-training policemen. Many also talk about community interactions. And these are all good ideas worthy of action. But this is only a worthy effort if you have receptive policemen willing to see their training as beneficial to their service. Or policemen who welcome close relationships with the community they protect and serve. But when you have a violent racist who thinks the badge protects him from the law, no amount of training will help. No amount of lecturing is going to make that policeman keep his gun in the holster or not stalk black men to find ways to arrest them, thus destroying their future. Leaders of the black communities should concentrate all their efforts on the tools keeping racist policemen in play despite 18 complaints.

The first order is to go after Police Unions in troubled cities and States. It is not hard, given the statistical data, the number of complaints, and the outright assassinations of African-Americans for organizations, like Black Lives Matter, to compile a list of troubled Police Unions, which should also include profile histories of its leadership. Why a city could not check the background of its Police Union leadership for signs of future troubles is beyond us?


Remember the Trump 2016 acceptance speech at the GOP convention hailing law and order? You would think we were in the middle of a civil war when you make law and order the theme of a presidency. That was Trumps’ signal to the Police to go after blacks. He was saying to them: I will protect you. Law and order, or Police Unions, are the secret tools we must re-organize to stop the killing of black Americans and stop the destruction of their families..

As Americans, we cannot let Donald Trump win his war against the majority of the good people in this country. Unbeknownst to most American voters, in keeping silent or staying on the sidelines, they become part of Trump’s tragic goals.

This is how you stop Trump’s racism. Go after the tools he relies upon. When the Police Unions rid themselves of racists, so will the Police Departments across the country.

Tell your Congressmen, Senators, and all black leaders. Make sure presidential hopeful Joe Biden speaks about it openly. Reign-in Police Unions to eradicate some of the racists still secretly killing off African-Americans in America.

Donald Trump is Breaking America Apart


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