Dimwit on Rezko

Dimwit on Rezko

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Obama Stands Blameless for a New Class of Extremists in Syria
Desperate Syrian rebels turn homes into weapons factories

We had a legal question that needed an answer, so we called Dimwit & Dimwit in Chicago.

Dimwit answered the phone. His office sits on top of Mayor Daley’s old office on LaSalle Street.

Us “We noticed that the Mayor’s office website is offered in Arabic. How many Arab speaking constituents are in Chicago?”

Dimwit “As far as I know we have only one that counts”

Us “Who would that be?”

Dimwit “Tony Rezko, the Syrian who was entangled with Obama and is still serving prison time”

Us “Since Rezko was born in Aleppo, do you know if he had any connections with the Assad family. I could not but help notice he was sentenced in November of 2011 just when Syria’s civil war started and AQ began entering Syria in droves?”

Dimwit “I plead the Fifth”

Us “You don’t have to worry, we do not work for Congress”

Dimwit “I still plead the Fifth in case Congress opens this file again”

Us “Are you saying there is a reason to open it?”

Dimwit “My answer is the Fifth”

Us “Someone told us that Assad has some goods on Obama through Rezko, which is why Obama wishes no ills for Assad”

Dimwit “Hogwash. Assad has nothing. Obama’s promises are hearsay”

Us “That’s not our question, but since you brought it up, what do you mean Assad has nothing?”

Dimwit “I plead the Fifth”. Lowering his voice “Are you trying to get me in trouble here, my office has more bugs than the NSA has records? This is Chicago man”

Us “Not at all, we just want to know why Mr. Obama keeps Assad in power when he successfully removed every Arab ruler in every Arab country that experienced the Arab Spring.”

Dimwit “You will have to wait after 2017. Besides, you are barking the wrong tree in Obama; you really need to look at MO instead. She is Madonna’s Material Girl”

Us “MO? You mean Valerie Jarrett?”

Dimwit “You’re a funny guy. Have to go to lunch. We never had this conversation about Rezko, you hear?”

Us “But you plead the Fifth, what are you afraid of?”

Dimwit “Not everyone pleading the Fifth will sing like a canary come January 21, 2017, but many intend to. They have had it with how the Obamas are treating those who helped them reach power. Just ask Oprah Winfrey.”

We think this is our next call after Dimwit on Rezko.

Dimwit on Rezko


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