In a small article published by the WSJ, it disclosed, according to testimony, that General Dempsey (CJCS), General Petraeus (CIA) and Secretary Clinton (DoS) all came on the side of a limited military help for the Syrian rebels fighting Assad during a meeting that was held late last year.

The same article failed to mention those who opposed Clinton, Petraeus and Dempsey on this score.

However, on foreign policy matters, present in the situation room would be the Principles staff most likely to help the President come to a decision on any national security matter. From that list, one can assume that VP Biden (WH), Secretary Panetta (DoD), Senator Kerry (SFRC), NS Advisor Denilon (NSC), Homeland Security Advisor Brennan (HS), and Secretary Holder (DoJ) all came on the wrong side of history by opposing the defeat of the most violent man in the Middle East region.

Secretary Holder would have provided the legal framework for a US limited support.

A missed opportunity that has been responsible for increased Jihadist activities in the Levant.

It was also possible that Ambassador Rice (UN) may also have weighed-in against the decision if she was present at this meeting of Principles, which usually include UN Ambassadors as well.

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