Defending for All or Killing for One?

Defending for All or Killing for One?

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Defending for All or Killing for One? You be the judge.

In Egypt, an army protects all Egyptians from a religious theocracy; but in Syria, an army kills any Syrian to protect one man.

In Egypt, Muslim extremists ascended to power were aided by the energy of Barack Obama; in Syria, Assad remains in power aided by the apathy of Barack Obama.

In Egypt, secular Islam is protecting the minorities; in Syria, secular terror is killing the majority by claiming it is protecting the minorities (Remember all the Christian leaders Assad killed in Lebanon).

So please, do not compare Egypt to Syria or let Assad convince you his fight against the Jihadists he paved the way for is the same fight the Egyptian army is waging against Islamists it had no role in their ascent to power.

One stands to defend the people for all and the other stands to kill the people for one.

Defending for All or Killing for One? 


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