Deer Caught in the Headlight of Assad’s Terror

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During the last 10 years or so, I have heard many complain about the Syrian opposition. Mainly that it cannot unite, it is too fragmented, and that it cannot manage the responsibilities of leading change.

The Syrian opposition is not fragmented and the disunity the world witness is but an expression of its democratic values. We are supposed to disagree. Further, I dispute the notion the Syrian opposition is incapable of handling change. If I had to guess who is truly behind these statements, I would pay a visit to the “Friends of Assad” club in Washington and behind-the-scene supporters of the Mullahs of Iran.

But what about the western leadership we witness today amongst those who have the power to stop the killing of Assad but no will to stop it? What about the world leaders who work tirelessly for peace but have only managed to comfort us with words? What about those leaders who have embraced a humanitarian agenda all their lives but are absent when it comes to Syria? Where are those leaders today to stop Assad?

If it was not for the western media, the human rights organizations, the Internet, and some resolute policy makers across many countries, Assad’s massacres would be buried like they were 30 years ago in Hama.

If the Syrian opposition is rudderless, the lack of result-oriented international response to Assad’s terror should be of more concern to all of us. The west’s incapacity to manage the Syrian file with results it can wear with honor shows who is in need to manage its responsibilities.

The Syrian opposition is not perfect but the international community, in power, has to be concerned as well because when facing pressure from Russia or Iran, world leaders look like a deer caught in the headlight of the Assad’s vehicle of terror.

Syrians need the world leaders to stop the carnage NOW.


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