Dare You Wonder About Islamic Terror?

Dare You Wonder About Islamic Terror?

Russia Teams Up With Islamic State Against Syria’s Rebels
U.S. Says Syria Is Buying Oil From Islamic State
U.S. launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria

Putin is deploying a new ray gun that blinds his enemies, which happens to be often innocent civilians either caught in the middle or targeted as Putin has done over the last month. Dare you wonder about Islamic terror when innocent Sunnis Muslims are subjected to these cruel weapons supported by the complete silence of morality in humanity?

Putin will test every weapon imaginable in Syria, Dare you wonder about Islamic terror when Russia’s U.N. veto can be used as a Carte Blanche to commit atrocious crimes against the innocent civilians?

Almost every Western country with fighter jets has dropped bombs in Syria. Killing ISIS terrorists is a duty, but when civilians die in the process, and no country even offers an apology, let alone compensation to their next of kin, then dare you wonder about Islamic terror?

When those dying from Western bombs are ALL Sunni Muslims, and not one bullet was fired to stop the barrel bombs of the Assad regime or the crimes the Mullahs of Iran committed in Syria, then dare you wonder about Islamic terror?

When Syrian civilians are refused a No-Fly Zone for over five years, which resulted in tens of thousands dying, dare you wonder about Islamic terror?

It is obvious that there is a common policy in the West to instigate Islamic terror to sell more weapons to rich Sunni countries while killing Sunnis. The more Islamic terror, the more money changes hands. Syrian women and children are paying the ultimate price of forging terror to the benefit of Western nations.

So, next time Sunni terror expresses itself either abroad or at home, just consider what our politicians are doing, or not doing, to eradicate terror. Think of the tens of billions of dollars changing hands.

Below is an infograph of weapons sales to Israel and rich Gulf countries by the U.S since the Iran Deal. The chart does not include Russian, Chinese, French, or British sales. Barack Obama has become a merchant of death for big weapon manufacturers around the world.

As long as Syrian civilians are dying without Western interference, Sunni terror is on the rise and so are weapon sales.

Feeding Islamic terror is a very profitable business indeed, so why halt it..

Major U.S. Arms Deals Announced Since Iran Deal Negotiations Began


Dare You Wonder About Islamic Terror?


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