Could American Power Sink Any Lower?

Could American Power Sink Any Lower?

Beware of the Parallels
Obama’s legacy can be summed-up in one sentence “Protect America’s Enemies”
It’s War, You Idiots

When was the last time, under any President of the United States, has Egypt refused a friendly request by the United States to do what’s in the best interest of both countries and humanity? We do not have the answer to this question, but we will bet all our Rubles on “Zero times”. Could American power sink any lower when her allies work hand-in-hand with her enemies, like Egypt is working with Iran?

The Suez Canal Authority allowed an Iranian Navy ship full of weapons, and heading to Syria, to cross the canal accompanied by the Egyptian Navy unencumbered. Repeated attempts by the US Government to seek Egypt’s cooperation by stopping the Iranian ship from crossing were all in vain.

The US cannot even persuade a government it provides financial assistance to the tune of $1.1 Billion a year to stop a ship supplying weapons to kill civilians in Syria.

Not only the US has lost its prestige and power under Barack Obama, it also has lost legitimacy to raise the flag of humanitarianism after failing to protect the Syrian people. Or let others do it.

It won’t be long before our enemies start harassing our US Diplomats, or even worse, if this administration continues on this path of extreme appeasement.

It’s all déjà vu USA circa 1979. Rhetoric falling on deaf ears because it’s not backed by action.

Could American Power Sink Any Lower?


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