CORRECTION-Hezbollah Controls the SNC, Driving its Agenda

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I published earlier today a story about how General Arafat Hamoud (Abu Imad) is a Hezbollah operative who has suddenly appeared in Turkey side-by-side with the SNC.

The story came from a source I trust and that I worked with in the past. There were other Syrians who collaborated with me on other details such as Hezbollah operatives who smuggle arms from Syria, etc..

Then I came to learn that there was a Col. Arafat Rasheed al-Hamoud who defected on Jan. 13 to the FSA. I have no information about Col. Arafat al-Hamoud, but the confusion over the names rendered my information incorrect.

Nonetheless, since the information is not fully corroborated and there is no concrete evidence over names and activities, I, therefore, have no choice but to redress the issue by refuting the story all together. At a later time, if and when I am 100% confident of the accuracy of the names and activities of those involved, I will re-publish.

As a dissident and a leader of the Syrian opposition, the Assad regime and those supporting that regime is the target of our struggle for a free Syria. The fact the SNC is refusing what the Syrian people and the Free Syrian Army are demanding makes the organization a legitimate target having shaped itself as an opposition in support of the Syrian people; but never at the expense of inaccurate or confusing information.  

I apologize to my readers for this mistake and for writing the story before checking and re-checking the facts several times due to the sensitivity of the matter. If you ever worked in the Arab world, you will understand how daunting the task of reporting accurate information is.


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