Confession of a Muslim

Confession of a Muslim

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Muslims are not good at confessing. Islam teaches us to obey and not to express an opinion or make a confession unless the purpose is to eventually obey blindly once the guilt is spilled. This small personal Blog is about a confession of a Muslim.

Among many of the secrets life affords us, there is one little secret that has always escaped us. The secret of knowing intimately a Jewish person, a Jewish family, or a Jewish Rabbi. Believe me when I tell you, as a Muslim, that this secret will open your eyes to a whole new world of knowledge about life and its purpose you never thought existed or possible.

After getting to know a Jewish person for a while, you will get, if you are the kind to notice, to also learn a little bit about Judaism as a religion. Islam may forbid us this luxury, but I guarantee you will be fascinated and pleasantly surprised. There is a certain fulfilling threshold your mind will cross when you begin to understand what Judaism stands for that your soul will luxuriate in its enrichment and its nurturing.

I am not going to share the little secret with you in this personal note because my aim in writing this is to compel every Muslim to make the effort to have one Jewish friend. My aim is to encourage you to meet Jewish people and to get to known them well. Every experience is different and I do not want to taint and project my own experiences unto you. You, as a Muslim, must experience it for yourself. All I can say is that it will fulfill you beyond belief. This is a confession of a Muslim, a frustrated one.

I am not talking here about making an acquaintance of a Jew or a Jewish family. I am talking about making that person(s) your intimate friend(s) by sharing with them dinners and stories, a trip to a Synagogue and a heartfelt Mazel Tov for some joy in their lives. Getting to know them, you will get to understand a little about Judaism and how it enriches their souls and lives.

Humankind tend to fear the unknown. The unknown repulses us because we fear its impact on our comfort zone. Taking the step to strike an intimate friendship with a Jew or a Jewish family stirs and stokes those fears in us because we are Muslims. It is normal. But if you really want to understand life’s most important and simple secrets, getting to be close to a Jewish friend enough to share his/her joys and misery will enlighten your life in ways I can hardly express to you.

Maybe this is why Islam fears Judaism. Maybe our ancestors discovered this fountain in Judaism that satisfied their thirst and hunger for life’s secret knowledge and decided that Jews were “infidels” that cannot be trusted. If you come to know a Jew intimately, you will change your mind about their purpose, constitution, and most important discover their secret for their extraordinary success in life.

I truly hope every Muslim reading this makes the effort to get to know a Jewish person or a Jewish family as they plow through life while holding the secret to a happy and beautiful existence.

Frustrated Muslim

Confession of a Muslim


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