Today, the White House condemned strongly Russian air attacks on Syrian civilians in East Ghouta. However, ask any intelligent Russian what it means for America to chide their beloved president and you will get one collective answer: America condemning Putin makes him stronger domestically.

While any support by the WHite House for the Syrian people is appreciated, this White House Statement did more damage than good.

First, it emboldened Vladimir Putin to continue his war of terror against the civilian population of East Ghouta because it fires words at him, not bombs. Second, these are just meaningless and ineffectual words that will not put an end to the tragedy unfolding before our eyes in Syria. Words but no action.

Brutal dictators like Putin and Assad understand only the language of force. Without it, the West might as well sing the tunes of the Sound of Music to Putin before his bedtime.

It is obvious that Trump does not want to stop the carnage in Syria.

It is quite obvious to Syrians that we are facing two quagmires: Assad and Putin terror, and Trump total lack of empathy.

Trump is not interested in any courageous action to stop the systematic killings of civilians in Syria. None whatsoever.

Like Obama, Trump’s words are cheap.

Like Barack Obama, who played golf when Syrians were being massacred by the thousands, Trump is as much culpable as Obama was in his apathy towards the massacring of Syrian women and children. Obama’s lack of action led to the creation of ISIS and Trump’s lack of action will lead to another disaster in the region.

So, go ahead White House. Issue a thousand statement condemning Putin. All you have done is give Putin a domestic green light to kill even more civilians than before.

Condemning Putin Makes Him Stronger Domestically

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