Brahimi, a Cruel UN Farce

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It did not take long before Syrians discovered what kind of man Lakdar Brahimi is.

The writing was on the wall the moment the Assad regime welcomed the appointment in less than 24 hours after it was announced and there is a good reason for that. Brahimi is part of the inner circle of the old Arab nationalists who worked for dictators and who believes Arabs must be ruled by dictators and oppressors.

Over the weekend, Brahimi refused to ask for Assad‘s ouster, as his predecessor did, by claiming ignorance of the situation.

He further inflamed the situation by saying: “If they [Opposition and Assad] spoke in one voice and were clearly supportive of what I will be doing on their behalf, that is what I need”. This statement of his highlights the direction of his mission and the mindset he is in. Tackling the inhuman atrocities committed by Assad is furthest on his mind. This is a mission for Brahimi to look good as an Arab uniter and for him to re-establish the old order that brought Arab productivity and aspirations to its knees.

I wonder how many people the UN called upon before it landed on Brahimi!!

It seems like the UN was interviewing for a manager’s position but it ended giving that responsibility to a stock boy.


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