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The blame game in the Middle East plays a central role in deflecting the many problems any one of the Arab society endures with rampant corruption, inefficiencies, and political craftiness.

So when I read in the Medial Line that Qatar blamed Israel for the al-Jazeera incompetency in airing the World Cup to its many viewers in the Arab world by accusing Israel of jamming the airwaves on Nilesat and Arabsat, I was the least surprised. Because if you want the masses to believe you, just blame their enemies. It’s the win-win blame game authoritarian rulers like al-Thani of Qatar play so well.

Mind you, when the Gaza flotilla incident was carried by al-Jazeera, Israel did not jam any signals; especially, when al-Jazeera showed a segment in which the passengers were signing anti-Semitic songs.

When supposedly Israel was killing civilians in its wars against Hezbollah and Hamas and al-Jazeera prominently played either old footage or one that has been dressed to look like civilians were killed on purpose, Israel did not jam the signals of al-Jazeera even though it would have been very obvious to do so in light of the international outrage at what al-Jazeera was airing.

But Israel chose to jam the World Cup because it wanted more Arabs to hate Israel. Makes sense, does it not?

Or better yet, it chose the World Cup because Israel wanted Arabs to pay attention to Gaza instead of watching the games. That’s why it jammed the al-Jazeera signals airing the World Cup.

Al-Jazeera incompetency (including the Islamists running the station) is a microcosm of what happens when ignorant turbeard men run anything in the Middle East. Of course, that’s a message you will never hear about al-Jazeera because it kinda points the blame squarely on the TV station and the incompetent rulers of Qatar.


  • Egypt jammed the al-Jazeera signals from the world cup only in Egypt because their TV payed for it to broadcast in Egypt.
    This is at least what I heard in Israel.

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      It would not surprise me because Mubarak is not too happy about Qatar getting cozy with the Axis of Resistance. However, the consequences of such a move will not sit well with many Arabs Egypt does not wish to provoke. The best reason remains al-Jazeera’s incompetency.

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