The bastards are stoning our women

The bastards are stoning our women

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As if the civil war separating men from their wives and sons from their mothers is not enough suffering.

As if women, suffering from the Assad and the IRGC snipers is not enough suffering.

As if women huddled with their young ones in building with no shelters, becoming the target of indiscriminate barrel bombs full of nails and large steel pellets is not enough.

As if women starved to death by Assad and his thugs in besieged towns and villages, is not enough.

As if children, sent home to their mothers after torture and death by the Assad butchers is not enough.

As if giving birth, on cold floors, exposed to the harsh realities of a bitter winter is not enough.

As if being raped by the Syrian armed forces of the Assad regime, Hezbollah terrorists, and IRGC thugs is not enough.

As if being sold as slaves to octogenarian Arab men salivating over their youth is not enough.

As if being told to remarry against their will when there is no closure about the fate of their husbands is not enough.

As if nursing their dying infants from the many diseases afflicting the dirty Syrian civil war is not enough.

Now come the savages of ISIS stoning our women for trying to re-build new homes using the broken dream of another.

ISIS calls them “adulteresses”, but God calls them “gatherer saints”.

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For gathering, our women also find death. The ugliest death.

In Syria, just for being a woman, death awaits you; if not by Assad, then by ISIS.

ISIS pelts them with stones until they die from the slow injuries they sustain, which could take hours. ISIS pelts them until their blood flow to satisfy the urges of barbaric men who call themselves Muslims. ISIS pelts them because they are helpless and because they cannot fight back.

The bastards are stoning our women

No other women on this planet have suffered as much as the Syrian women have since WWII. No other women have been subjected to extreme death and misery like the Syrian women have.

Do you hear them complain much?

Do they come knocking on your door asking for help?

Do they appear in your dreams seeking justice?

They do not.

They suffer and die silently at the hands of the most violent men known to our modern history. They suffer and die as victims at the hands of monsters who strike fear in the most courageous men among us.

Yet, we do not recognize them. We do not acknowledge their sufferings. We do not even want to know what has happened to them. They live in another world.

Please tell the world about the courage of Syrian women. Let their death not be in vain.

Remember them in your prayers.

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The Bastards are Stoning our Women


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