Barack Obama’s war in Syria could be a sideshow

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The air attacks Barack Obama is conducting against ISIL are justified whichever your angle is, but striking ISIL without striking Assad reeks of something dirtier than dirty.

There are two red flags we should consider that point to a sinister ISIL war in Syria. In fact, Barack Obama’s war in Syria could be a sideshow to dismiss Iranian sanctions to help the country acquire nuclear weapons, especially when one considers Obama’s refusal to interfere in Syria’s civil war for over three years.

One flag has to do with the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff; the other deals with the imminent danger to the “homeland” by the all-of-a-sudden rise of a new terror group, much worse than ISIL, called Khorasan that does NOT exist.

There is no doubt, according to many media reports, that the ISIL terrorists conducted the beheadings; but what is strange about the killing of James Foley is the fact that, according to AFP, he was held by the Assad regime. How did Foley suddenly become a hostage of ISIL is something no one seems to be interested in investigating. Business Insider had a similar story that since has been removed from its website.

As I wrote in my Blog “Assad behind killing James Foley”, where I provided AFP direct quotes to attest to this claim:

A US journalist missing in war-torn Syria is believed to be held by government intelligence agents at a detention center near Damascus, a spokesman for his family said Friday, May 13, 2013. y 13, 2013.

The co-founder and CEO of the international online news network, Phil Balboni, said it had hired the international security firm Kroll, which had found evidence that Foley is being held by the Syrian regime.

With a high degree of confidence, we now believe that Jim was most likely abducted by a pro-regime militia group, commonly referred to as the Shabiha, and subsequently turned over to Syrian government forces,” said Balboni, who has also been serving as a spokesman for the Foley family.

As far as Sotloff is concerned, there is no data as to whether ISIL or the Assad regime kidnapped him. Both killings, though, prompted Barack Obama to strike ISIL, but not strike Assad, which, for all intended purposes, turned the US into a partner of mass murders and terrorists who killed over 4,000 US of our forces in Iraq using al-Qaeda as a proxy.

Anyone who says Syria and Iran, unlike ISIL, do not indulge in killing Americans needs a brain MRI.

Assad handed James Foley to ISIL to be killed; this prompted Obama to strike ISIL in Syria, which is prompting Iran to offer its help to defeat ISIL if Obama lifts the nuclear sanctions.

Let me repeat it again.

Assad hands Foley to ISIL, ISIL kills Foley, Obama has excuse to strike ISIL, Iran will assist US if US lifts nuclear sanctions.

Guess what will happen next.

Did I already mention that Barack Obama’s war in Syria could be a sideshow?

The second flag has but one purpose: To rally the American people behind Obama to lift the sanctions.

Where did this Khorasan terror organization, apparently far more lethal than ISIL, come from? I have never heard of Khorasan before in my life.

For the first time, CBS News referred to this supposedly lethal organization intent on bombing the US on September 18, 2014 just four days before the air campaign against ISIL in Syria began.

Andrew McCarthy wrote an article about this stealthy Khorasan terror group he entitled “The Khorasan Group does not exist.”

Obama’s war against ISIL is dirtier than dirty because it may be a sideshow Obama concocted to help him lift the Iranian nuclear sanctions.

Barack Obama’s war in Syria could be a sideshow


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