Assad’s Train Schlepped by a Locomotive of Fetishism

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The world is literally mesmerized by the trove of emails leaked from the presidential palace in Syria showing who does what and how it affects Syrian policies.

The number of Syrian experts who have tried to explain Baschar al-Assad‘s policies since 2000 can fill a whole library. From the most thoughtful analysis down to the most absurd, many who follow Syria closely have read and heard much about this regime the last 12 years.

Well, you can pack all that analysis and archive it somewhere because what really influenced Baschar al-Assad are two things: Young ladies, either fully dressed or naked, or his shopaholic beast of a wife. It’s either skin or high Louboutin heels. In fact, one can say that the train of Syrian politics has been schlepped by a locomotive of fetishism. So much for our analysis!!

No matter how acutely aware of the killing and the tragedy of Syrians living under constant bombardment, the sexiness of these leaked emails is arousing bitchiness amongst many worldly ladies of the salons and intoxicating a less kinder, hormone-driven lot with either axes to grind or about to after reading some of the Assads’ private exchanges.

There is nothing more crucial to inject bias into the published media than when journalists covering a region feel they have been fooled. Their communal sense of what is right and what is wrong now becomes master of their pens and their voices. These emails truly challenge the quote “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

This is the WikiWicked of the Assad legacy. Their disconnect from reality challenges our perceptions because to most of us all of this is just unreal. How can one shop for a $20,000 pair of chandeliers when one’s own people are tragically dying from your actions and one’s own country is under immense social and economic duress? What the west is witnessing today about the Assads has been paraded in front of hungry Syrian children, their lamenting mothers, and powerless fathers. Any wonder why the Syrian Revolution erupted?

Never ask why Syrian women are joining this Revolution and why their sons would rather die than stop or why their fathers are content to see their families endangering themselves for a small prize Americans call freedom but Syrians call heaven.


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