Assad Preparing to Gas Idlib Intelligence Shows

Assad Preparing to Gas Idlib Intelligence Shows

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Britain, France and the United States are warning the Assad regime against using chemical weapons on opponents of the government. Intelligence received by the three western nations hint at laboratory activities pointing to Assad preparing to gas Idlib.

The foreign ministers of the three countries said in a joint statement that Syria’s past use of such weapons “cannot be disputed” and that all three nations will “act strongly and swiftly” in the event of any future attack on the Province of Idlib.

The statement was released ahead of the two- and three-year anniversaries of chemical weapons attacks in Syria for which the three nations vowed to hold the perpetrators to account. They also renewed demands for a negotiated political settlement to the conflict in Syria.

Chemical Assad remains a free man and continues to pile-up his atrocities.

The last time the United States issued such threats against the Assad regime was during the Barack Obama era. President Obama issued his notorious red line threat only to duck and take cover. Another time was during this administration when President Donald Trump ordered an attack that was timid and as harmless as an attack could be.


Compare the single attack the Assad regime sustained as opposed to the non-stop aerial attacks against ISIS since 2016. Terrorism comes in 50 shades of grey.

Chemical Assad remembers that one president was a coward and another was playing tough to impress his audience when in fact he runs as scared as his predecessor. Donald Trump is as bad as Obama was.

Unless the United States bombs Assad palace directly, the probability Assad will stock and use gas are quite high. Today on his own people, but tomorrow against Israel.

There is no international will to stop Assad gas attacks on a permanent basis.

From the regime’s perspective, it comes down to costs/benefits analysis.

If Assad gasses Syrians, he would win the province of Idlib back swiftly and with little damage to his depleted troops. The costs of few missiles the U.S. is willing to fire for his deeds are worth the benefits.

In essence, these western threats are hollow and useless unless the U.S. sustains a long campaign against the regime, or bombs Assad palace directly.

Assad Preparing to Gas Idlib


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