Assad Making Obama Look Like a Fool

Assad Making Obama Look Like a Fool

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The Assad regime is dropping barrel bombs on civilians and Free Syrian Army positions in order to help ISIS confront the rebels instead of the Assad regime. In doing so, Assad has become an ISIS partner and collaborator at a time when the U.S. is sending its pilots in harm’s way to defeat ISIS.

Is Assad making Obama look like a fool or what?

We wrote many articles after the U.S. began its air campaign against ISIS in September of 2014 urging the Obama Administration to also begin striking the Assad regime. If the U.S. is driven to strike the Sunni terror, it should also strike the Alawite/Shiite terror machine represented by Assad the Alawite and Hezbollah the Shiite.

Not only this policy would have limited the damage the regime is causing today, but it would also have helped the moderate Syrian opposition to battle both terrors.

When the U.S. strikes Shia and Sunni terror at the same time, it is signalling it wants the moderates on both sides to manifest themselves. When it strikes Sunni terror without striking the Shiite terror, you get ISIS to recruit dangerously and Assad making Obama look like an ignorant president.

In fact, Assad is making a mockery of Barack Obama and of his intentions to defeat ISIS. There is far more trouble ahead in Syria if Obama continues deploying the same Syrian policy, which does not strike the Alawite terror. Start with neutralizing the Syrian air force Assad is using to empower ISIS.

Otherwise, Assad making Obama look like a fool will be ever so obvious.

The U.S. has been playing reactionary politics in the region for seven years. Our enemies start trouble, and Obama react to them or he does not react at all. This defensive posture is making America look weak and indecisive. It is certainly making Obama look like he lost his compass.

Is Assad making Obama look like a fool? You bet he is. Obama strikes ISIS while letting Assad empower the terror group right under his nose without any reaction from him because Obama still thinks Iran is the solution, not the problem. Or, at least, Iran could provide the appropriate solution.

Did Obama not provide guarantees to the GCC countries at Camp David that he would defend them against Iranian behavior to destabilize the region? At RPS, we wonder if Saudi Arabia is going to push the president towards destroying the Assad air force under the pretext it has become a tool in Iranian hands to spread the kind of terror to threaten Saudi Arabia and which qualifies under the Obama commitment.

We have to confront every Iranian small action because each is part of a larger scheme to threaten every Arab country in the region. Ignoring those little tactical Iranian moves just gets Iran closer to its goals.

Assad Making Obama Look Like a Fool


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