Assad Had Nervous Breakdown, Iran Stopped Him From Quitting

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Single-sourced Intelligence received by Terror-Fee Syria indicate that Assad had a nervous breakdown right after the rebels captured the Jisr al-Shugur hospital on May 22. During this battle, 250 Assad loyalists were trapped.

Assad promised reinforcements to save the trapped soldiers, which never arrived. Assad had his nervous breakdown right after al-Nusra stormed the hospital, and killed most of the Assad forces defending it.

TFS confidential source tells us that Assad was ready to call it quit when Iran intervened and dispatched Qassem Soleimani to Syria. Assad may have been under medical care for over a month. He has only been seen in public starting mid-July.

After Assad had his nervous breakdown, two important events took place.

First, Qassem Soleimani visited Syria to take control of all military operations and to lift the morale of the top leadership aware of Assad’s nervous breakdown. Second, the Russians evacuated, on may 31, some of their experts without any warnings and without replacing them.

After Assad’s nervous breakdown, Russia must have become convinced that Syria is lost and it was only a question of time before the world discovered Assad is no longer in control. Very few Russian expert personnel remain in Damascus.

For good measure, Soleimani hanged few Sunni officers who, we are told, were supposed to reach the hospital to protect the trapped Alawite and Shiite soldiers. In addition, and to keep tight control over the situation, Iran called on Russia to replace the advisers it recalled.

Today’s Assad public appearances are not appeasing the Alawites. Assad no longer controls his destiny or that of Syria.

The country has fully fallen into the hands of Iran and the Mullahs are keeping a lid on their total control over Syria for fear of enraging the Arab masses who cannot possibly accept a Farsi hegemony.

Assad Had Nervous Breakdown, Iran Stopped Him From Quitting


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